Desktop Applications

A desktop application runs on a stand-alone desktop or laptop computer. Some desktop applications can be used by multiple users on the same network. Many people believe that web applications and desktop applications are similar but, the primary difference is that desktop applications can only run on computers, laptops, or desktops. Web applications can run on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as a computer.
The benefits to a desktop application are for the most part, fairly obvious. These applications can only run on computers and laptops, which may sound like a trade off, but really the desktop applications usually run at a higher processing speed, and encounter fewer hiccups as they are also meant to be used at a much higher volume.
As has been explained previously, desktop applications can only run on a PC operating system, such as Windows or Linux. The only other difference is that it does not run inside of a web browser. A small trade for a high quality and high performance application, made custom for you by our crew. Examples of desktop applications include but are not limited to;
  • Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Word (or any Microsoft Office applications)
Other desktop applications some may not realize are desktop applications are those such as Paint, Calculator, and Calendar. Calendar may sound somewhat unintuitive compared to the others, because the others don’t need a wireless connection. Nowadays computers and many applications involving a calendar are automatically connected to the internet, especially those that connect to cloud services and technology of the like.  The calendar apps that run on computers needing a room dedicated to its operation, or other personal computers with limited internet accessibility, do not need an internet connection for it to function properly. 
Although browsers are accessible on mobile devices, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, they are also considered desktop applications. This is because they were originally designed to be used on a desktop, the integration to the use of a mobile application, has allowed accessibility to most people on the planet. Unfortunately not everybody has access to a desktop or other non-mobile device. Therefore, the use of each browser has more than skyrocketed, with the ease of use and accessibility provided by mobile devices, is precisely how the integration has done more to bring people together than they realize.