What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration is simply the movement of data from one server to a cloud. Whether it’s big or small, Cloud Migration is available and convenient to use for every person with access to a cloud service. These services are also easy to use and come with many benefits to you and us.


Useful for fast uploads that require minimal changes. Although it is fast, it can also cause the client to miss out on the speed of their migration. When the application or service is running in the cloud, it is much easier to rework and make necessary changes. This solution is ideal for small businesses who need a quick and easy migration that won’t disrupt the existing workflow.


This is much like rehosting, but the client is able to make small changes to the application like scaling issues, to help make the transition more modern. This solution is ideal for businesses who are looking to leverage more cloud benefits and to see if minor changes won’t impact their functioning.


In this process, the client would be completely starting the project from scratch to be used in a cloud environment. Though the process is longer than the previously mentioned methods, it yields the best results. This solution is ideal for businesses who need to add features and performance to the application that is only available in the cloud.