What is Cloud Development

Cloud Development is simply the creation of an application, website, or any other software that operates on a mobile device or personal computer. It is now commonplace to create such a software that will run on both mobile and personal computers, often referred to as a hybrid application. There are two other types, but we will go further into detail below.
Through the use of cloud services, data transfers may become a thing of the past. The growth of data storage has been exponential due to the financial benefits it brings. Oftentimes, businesses only need to pay for the services required, no bloatware attached. Neteazy strives to take the guesswork out of developing cloud systems.
The process of these development projects can be complex from first glance, but most project managers tend to split these processes into different categories, with varying levels of importance. The secret to managing this is communication. Communication with your team will make each Development project as coordinated as it possibly can be.



Mobile applications are designed to be an easier method of information intake, than say a browser’s website. After all, mobile users spend over 90% of their time on their devices using mobile applications.


Web applications specialize in getting all of your desires on a convenient and easy to use space. With so many programming softwares and languages under our belt, it is our job to make your job and your life as easy as we possibly can.


A Hybrid Cloud System is a surprisingly easy concept to understand, Hybrid Applications are applications that have cloud elements and on site elements. For example, if you were to make a Hybrid system, if you put all of your emails and other pieces of the original system, but kept most of the processing needed for an on site job. These are very useful for small or large businesses that can’t or don’t want to fully integrate their projects into a cloud. And with our team at your disposal, even that can be made easy for you.