Web Applications

A web application, or web app, is a specific type of software that is designed to run on an online internet server. These servers can be used across multiple devices, and many different internet connections simultaneously. Data then is processed and saved remotely, allowing users to access information from multiple devices as stated previously.
Web applications were designed for the simple commercial use of the consumers. When simple is said in this context, it does not mean it is simple to set up. But most web applications are easy for the common person to navigate, even if you have no prior knowledge of computers or web applications. When you have created a web app or website that is easily navigated by anybody, you must have an idea that it is a well designed and well thought out website.
Web applications are best described as an internet product that allow you to use different aspects of the internet on a personal computer, or other device that can support such browsing. Many web applications, unlike mobile apps, are completely reliant on an internet connection for use, which can be disadvantageous, for use in that current moment. A faulty internet connection can be bad in general, but during use, it could result in the loss of all progress made from the last update in progress.
  • Consistent appearance across operating systems
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Limited access to CPU, memory, and file systems
  • Entirely dependent on web browsers. If a browser crashes possible unsaved data will be lost. 
  • Incompatibility issues may occur with certain web browsers or operating systems. 
Web applications are commonly used to give businesses the ability to increase efficiency, and reduce costs. These online web apps such as email services and other programs provide the same functionality as any available desktop versions. The use of these products also help project managers individually, by means of giving them the methods and means to actively and accurately manage each project they have a presence in. It is also very important to keep in mind that the web applications you may use, are also connected to a cloud service. This makes it so that it is easy to track the progress of the team on these apps, and also to communicate and exchange any notes that may make the development of your own application speed along.