Mobile Applications

A mobile application is a type of software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, smart watch, or tablet. Mobile applications often help the user with accessing services very similar to applications commonly accessed on desktops or other PCs. 

The most common way to download mobile applications is through an app store. This is also the easiest way to download these applications and the fastest, so long as there is a strong connection to a wireless network. 

Mobile apps are most commonly used for the personal purposes of the user, whatever they may be. One look at an appstore and there is no doubt there is an application for anything. Where we stand out is in that if you become one of our clients, we can make an application for everything. Examples of many commonly used applications can be found in this list below: 


  • Mobile gaming apps (Angry Birds, Tetris, etc.)
  • Productivity apps (Evernote, Todoist, Hubstaff, etc.)
  • Lifestyle apps (HealthTap, Shopwell, Elevate, etc.)
  • Entertainment apps (Amazon Music, Spotify, Netflix, etc.)

There are many reasons to develop a mobile application, or at least to incorporate the idea of a mobile version into it. Limited functionality is a tradeoff many people make because of the fact that the pure amount of people that are permitted to use mobile applications increases vastly.


  • Limited and isolated functions 
  • Accessibility to customers
  • Ability to focus, with less multitasking
  • Also more able to multitask, if using mobile applications effectively

Mobile applications have come a long way from the time they were first introduced. Gaming for example. When looking at older applications, like Tetris or Angry Birds, it is easy to see just how far mobile application development has progressed. From the graphics, to the playability, it is all around superior in this current age of technology. Though these differences are also easy to view when comparing the accessibility of the other examples of applications listed above.